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Experienced, professional lecturers lead each session. To help you take part we can support you with technology and connectivity.

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Flexible start dates from now to early January. The course is for 4 days a week, 3 hours a day, and delivered remotely from your choice of morning, afternoon or evening sessions. 

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Signed certification of course completion to show employers. Opportunity to complete Google, Facebook, and HubSpot certifications

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  • Aged 19+
  • Recently made unemployed, self-employed, or working part-time and seeking a new career
  • People living in the North West, West Midlands, or London region

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Course Topics

Market Research

Understand customers needs and problems to then develop solutions.

• Market Research Theory
• Primary Market Research
• Secondary Market Research
• Tools and Technology
• Data driven Market Research
• 1st party data
• 3rd party data
• Qualitative & Quantitative
• Customer Profiles / Personas
• Benchmarking
• Situational Analysis
• Competitor Analysis Intro
• Practical Exercises

Social Media

Understand how to plan, test, implement and measure social media campaigns.

• Introduction to Social
• Objective Setting
• History of Social Platforms
• Mobile & Social Media
• Social Listening
• Social Benchmarking
• Social Platforms Overview
• Setting Objectives
• Organic & Paid Social Techniques
• Audience Targeting
• Social Amplification
• Post Timing & Scheduling
• Content Formats, Topics & Policies
• Social Profiles
• Advanced Targeting Options
• Ad Testing
• Tagging
• Tools & Technology
• Reactive and Proactive
• Budgets & Management
• Refine and Improve Performance
• Reporting
• Practical Exercises


Understand how to plan, design, and implement an SEO strategy:

• How search engines work
• The History of Search
• Terminology
• Benchmarking performance
• Key phrase Market Research
• Searcher Profiles
• Competitor Analysis
• Technical SEO
• Intro to SEO Pillars
• On-page SEO
• Inbound Marketing
• SEO Trends
• Strategy components
• Prioritisation
• Tools & Technology
• Practical exercises

Paid Search

Understand how to design and implement a paid search strategy.

• What is Paid Search
• The Paid Search Landscape
• Platforms – Google Ads
• Paid Search Objectives
• Paid Search Terminology
• Paid Search Account Structure
• Key phrase Market Research
• Match Types
• Campaign and Ad Group Structure
• Ad formats
• Shopping
• Ad Extensions
• Paid Search Quality Score
• Impression Share
• Landing Pages
• Bidding Strategy
• Search Query Reports
• Re-marketing for Search
• Automation to reduce time
• Bid management software – Intro
• Practical Exercises


Understand how to implement, test and measure results using analytics packages.

• Analytics tools introduction
• Tag Managers
• Analytics Setup
• Admin
• Analytics Packages
• Google Analytics
• Social Analytics
• Customer journey
• Attribution
• Goals & E-commerce
• Campaign Tracking
• Funnels
• Measurement
• Reporting
• Actionable insights
• Practical walkthrough
• Practical exercises


Learn about the tools that can be used to support digital marketing.

• Market Research
• Social Media Tools
• SEO Tools

Conversion Optimisation

Understand how to plan test and improve conversion rates on a website.

• What is conversion optimisation
• Benchmarking conversion rates
• Analytics tools and reports
• Calculating the opportunity of conversion
• User data and audience insights
• Analyse digital campaigns and visitor engagement
• User research and personas
• Identify what customers will respond to
• Experiment design
• Testing tools
• Test Plan, Schedule and Timescales
• Testing A/B
• User Testing
• Analysing results
• Practical Exercises and Case Studies

Competitor Analysis

Understand how to conduct competitor Analysis:

• Understand the battlefield
• Identify where the competitors are
• Understand how competitors are approaching the business
• Can help to identify strategic areas to position yourself for a win
• Keep tabs on the competition so you never have to worry about them blindsiding you

– Positioning
– Value Proposition
– 5 Forces

Content Marketing

Understand how to plan and develop a content marketing strategy.

• What is content marketing?
• What is content marketing strategy?
• Overview of content types & formats
• Overview of content channels
• Content Audit
• Site structure & hierarchy
• Customer journey
• Content outreach
• Content hooks
• Housekeeping
• Objectives, Initiatives and KPIs
• Business strengths, weaknesses, USPs
• Industry Landscape and Competitors
• Target audience segmentation and content analysis
• Content asset planning
• Content promotion planning
• Tracking, reporting & analysis
• Reviewing existing content
• Management buy-in
• Resourcing & structure
• Data & infrastructure
• Practical exercises
• Content Strategy – Rich Media
• Video
• Podcast
• Innovations
• Practical Exercises

Other Channels

Email Marketing:

• Tools
• Automation
• Personalisation
• Segmentation
• Measurement

Display and Media

Display Advertising:

• Formats
• Paid
• Re-targeting, Prospecting
• Programmatic


To take all the learnings from the course and develop into an overall digital marketing strategy.

• Objectives
• Marketing fundamentals
• Marketing Initiatives
• KPIs
• Forecasting
• Customer-Centric
• Data-Driven
• Iterative – Test, Learn & Refine
• Omnichannel
• Customer Journey
• Measurement
• Success

Here’s what we can provide you:

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Technology, devices and connectivity
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48 live online course sessions over 12 weeks
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Flexible course times every day, with morning, afternoon and evening sessions available
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Job interviews, access to an apprenticeship or a roadmap to going freelance
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Experienced tutors and industry experts lead all sessions
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Certificates and access to free courses with Google, Facebook and HubSpot